Behind the Scenes with Me

Hi! I’m Erica! A lot of people call me Stella, but Stella Blue is the little dumpling in the photo above.

I named my business after my daughter which means when you work with me, you become like family and you get work that I would be proud to give to my family.

Connecticut Natural Light Studio

Connecticut Natural Light Studio

About Me:                                                           

If you look at my work, I hope you see a lightness.  That's because I am drawn to all things

-fun (I am usually the first one to laugh, and my gut laugh isn't pretty. Fair warning:)  

-light (Come to my natural light studio if you want to see how much I love window light!)

-caffeinated (Cappuccino is a habit I struggle with daily) 

-blue (I wear it and decorate with it)

-chocolate (Dark please!)

-creative (I like to photograph, make pastel drawings, sew, make pottery, and sometimes I do it all at once . . . just kidding.) 

-organized (I love a good to do list! Color coding makes me absolutely twitterpated.) 

 Most of my favorite people talk in stories. I love how we create our own stories and pass them down. I cannot wait to hear your story and capture it, so you can hold it and remember just how beautiful it is!

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